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Perini Navi World

Enter Perini Navi World, a fun section full of photos, videos and related content to the latest Perini Navi.

Sailing Yachts

Perini Navi – Seahawk 60m Ketch Sailing Yacht
The new Perini Navi 60m Seahawk is especially fast and extremely comfortable with abundant outdoor spaces


The Maltese Falcon, the revolutionary 88-meter clipper.  
P2 – racing line - fast sailing yachts with unmatched comfort

Perini navi cup

The Perini Navi Cup is a regatta dedicated exclusively to Perini yachts that for a few intense days gather to challenge each other in the Mediterranean Sea. After the first edition in 2004 Perini Navi Cups have been...

Motor Yachts

Picchiotti 55m Galileo G of the Vitruvius Series
Galileo G 55m, is the second model from the Vitruvius® series, produced by Picchiotti, the Perini Navi brand dedicated to motor yachts

Refit & Repairs

By founding the Service & Refit Division, with a new organization structure, Perini Navi Group offers superyachts worldwide a new selection of services, not only for the Perini Navi...


P2 – racing line - fast sailing yachts with unmatched comfort
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At the Monaco Yacht Show 2014